Meet the Team

We consider ourselves to be one big family here at the GLORIOUS ADVENTURE COMPANY. 'Looking-out' for each other is what its all about when travelling in a motorcycle group. We all share a love of the subcontinent of India, eastern europe and motorcycles. We want you to feel comfortable and well looked after when you join our family.


Peter George Rowe - Founder and Director

Very much considered to be the mastermind and creative genius behind all Motorcycle operations (his own words), Peter rode his first motorcycle at the tender age of eight and simply hasn't stopped. "It's not the speed thing that excites me ... it's that feeling of adventure that I have when I am riding my '76 Bullet in marvellous India". 

Shaun Kelly - Tour Leader

Shaun brings some international mystique to the Glorious Adventure Company. Growing up in New Zealand, Shaun has been riding bikes since the age of 15. He has travelled the world exploring Africa, Europe and Asia. Shaun first travelled to India in 1999 where he fell in love with the country and discovered the joys of a Royal Enfield Bullet.

Niranjan Singh Rajput AKA 'Ninja' - Tour Guide

Niranjan is a qualified and respected tour guide of North India. He lives in Alwar, Rajasthan with his wife and family. Ninja has worked in tourism since 2008 and his detailed knowledge of wildlife and cultural history is second to none. He also acts as Peters moral compass at times.


Beaker Stone loves motorcycles. His discovery of India and what it offers for motorcyclists has captured his heart. Beaker runs MOTOSPLOSH ADVENTURES with his own angle on them.  


Anil and his gang, despite their dirty fingers are a hit with the ladies! They also happen to be great at keeping our motorcycles on the road. Engine rebuilds in the desert have yet to phase our boys. We could not do this without them!




Youthful Alan is our most senior member of the family and has charm literally oozing from his moustache. He has too many motorcycles to mention as his long suffering wife will testify. Simply cannot imagine being in India without him.


Sanjay - Get-away driver

Sanjay is one cool dude.  He drives the support vehicle jeep and never leaves our side. Sanjay has recently taken on the responsibilty of teaching Pete the rather complex language of Hindi. He is well known for his patience.




Erica rides motorcycles, books hotels, kicks arse, manages the minibus, manages Peter, kicks arse ..... As with all of us,  Erica fell instantly in love with India and cannot get enough of it! Erica also manages and is leader on a series of holidays on textiles, arts and crafts.





Joanna Lester-George  lives in south Goa with her son Xavier where she heads the successful Koko-India Travel Company. Jazz is also a Travel Writer for various Travel guides and Magazines. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to travelling in India and a deep understanding of preparing Gin and Tonics.....You are in safe hands! 


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