Deserts & Palaces - North West Rajasthan

Join us on a twelve night journey from the Alwar Valley in the East of Rajasthan to the deserts of Western Jaisalmer and beyond. We journey through the Shekawatti district staying at incredible frescoed Havelis and Mansions before embracing the rural beauty and contrast of desert stretches. All the roads have been handpicked to create journeys that are as fascinating as
their destinations.

The Alwar Valley is one of Rajasthans best kept secrets. For some reason it has managed to stay under the radar of the big tour package companies. Our initial two nights are spent here giving us the ideal backdrop to climatise and get used to our motorcycles before heading out into the wild west! We visit Rajesh the village elder and his family and potter about in the valley. We wake up to peacocks roaming freely on the ramparts of the restored Fort where we make our home for these first two nights.

Samode Bagh is our destination for our first major ride out. A gentle 125 Km. Spread around the periphery of the garden, the accommodation is laid out like a Royal tented encampment of the bygone days. The tents rival the Royals tents of the Mughal era in their opulence and luxury.

Bikaner is a vibrant dust-swirling desert town with a fabulous fort and an energising outpost feel. It’s less dominated by tourism than many other Rajasthan cities making it an ideal place to explore.

The fort of Jaisalmer is a breathtaking sight: a massive sandcastle rising from the sandy plains like a mirage from a bygone era. No place better evokes exotic camel-train trade routes and desert mystery. Ninety-nine bastions encircle the fort’s still-inhabited twisting lanes. It’s hard not to be enchanted by this desert citadel. Beneath the ramparts, particularly to the north, the narrow streets of the old city conceal magnificent havelis, all carved from the same golden-honey sandstone as the fort – hence Jaisalmer is known as the Golden City.

New Delhi is our final destination for this tour. We take an internal flight from the deserts of Jaisalmer to the buzzing madness of Par har ganj in New Delhi. We arrive in time to spend the afternoon visiting the Motorcycle District of Karol Bagh drinking chai with our friends . 

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