Join us on a unique adventure that will feed your spirit and fire your imagination.

With just three trips per year we are the possibly the smallest motorcycle tour company in the world - We vary each and every tour & never repeat the exact route - our aim, to find new and exciting roads & destinations on each trip. We get lost often & going off-piste is encouraged.

What makes our Glorious Adventure Company so special?



WE are unlike any other motorcycle tour company 

For a start we stay in posho hotels! We figure we deserve some real comfort after a day in the saddle - a great shower, a dip in the pool and maybe a gin n tonic before dinner! 



Simply put, we create great adventures and holidays and we happen to prefer two wheels!  See the MOTORCYCLE TOURS SECTION to get an idea of the sort of thing we get up to.   


We carefully design our journeys to ensure you experience the beauty and variety of India and Europe. We prefer off-the-beaten-track routes and hotels that offer style, charm and a true taste of local hospitality.



We always supply a support vehicle (for clobber and spares) with a  Mini-Bus option. The Fun-Bus is for friends and family that simply do not wish to spend twelve days perched on the back of a Motorcycle! Odd, I know!



Underpinning every trip is a lot of research and at least one or two recce's or pilot tours.  


Supporting local culture

Whilst in India, expect to visit remote villages, dine in local homes and experience local customs first hand. Many of our hotels are family run and support local culture and environment.


Relaxed Pace 

We prefer a leisurely pace on all our tours, one that allows you to fully experience the colour and culture of India as well as having time to enjoy your destination. We reserve the right to make these trips simply fantastic. Our holidays are as exciting for us as they are for our guests & we make no apologies for this.




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